Follaton Community Centre



Who: Follaton Residents Association Ltd.
Where: Whiteley Avenue, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 9BJ
What: 28 solar panels
Size: 7 kW
Commissioning Date: 26/06/2013
Makes: 6,009 KWh of electricity per year
Customer Equivalents: the yearly electricity demand of 2 typical families
Average equivalent saving: reduces CO2 emissions by about 2.9 tonnes per year.



In terms of an investment for our members, the FiT rate for this installation is 14p / kWh for total generation, plus 4.5p for deemed export on 50% of total generation, index linked, and we are expecting to earn around £1,100 per annum (2013 rates).


The Community Hall  |  Follaton Residents Association

The Community Hall is the main facility of the Follaton Residents Association, which also manages play areas and open space on the Follaton estate in Totnes.  The Community Hall is home to Follaton Community Cinema, which was created by Follaton residents with borrowed equipment in 2011 to show great films – and, more importantly, to bring together people from across the area. After receiving some funding, the cinema now has state-of-the-art cinema equipment and prides itself on creating the full cinema experience – plus a few community touches, like homemade cakes!

We are happy to have contributed to the reduction of operating expenses for this venue, where many classes and activities take place, such as Kung Fu “Dragons”, yoga, flower arranging, kids parties, ‘Crawlers & Climbers’ and the Alzheimer’s Society’s ‘Singing for the Brain’.