Lescaze Solar Array

Listed 30s building goes solar in local partnership.


Who: Lescaze Offices, Dartington Hall Trust.
Where: Lescaze House, Shinner’s Bridge, TQ9 6JE
What: 120 roof mounted solar pv panels
Size: 29.9kW
Commissioning Date: 2016.
Makes: 28,000kWh/yr
Customer Equivalents: 6.7 average typical houses
Average equivalent saving: 13.5t/yr

William Lescaze offices have new 30kW solar PV array.

A partnership between The Dartington Hall Trust and TRESOC, working with Beco Energy Solutions.

A new 30kWh solar-PV array has been put on the roof of the Lescaze Offices in Dartington village to provide renewable electricity.

Ian Bright, managing director, TRESOC, says: ‘We’re delighted to be working in partnership with Dartington to produce low cost green electricity for key stakeholders, high value employment in local businesses and a sustainable financial return on local community investment.’

You can read the full press release from The Dartington Hall Trust here.