Who: Leatside Surgery
Where: Babbage Road, Totnes, TQ9 5JA.
What: 114 solar pv panels
Size: 27.4kW
Commissioning Date: completed 2012.
Makes: 24,000kWh/yr
Customer Equivalents:  5.7 average typical houses
Average equivalent saving: 11.5t/yr


The Leatside Surgery

Leatside’s solar PV system is the result of a partnership between Totnes Renewable Energy Society and Yokk Solar Ltd, in collaboration with Leatside Surgery.  The panels were engineered and installed by Yokk, and financed and owned by TRESOC for the benefit of the Leatside building owners, staff, patients, and TRESOC members, plus the community at large in terms of CO2 reduction.  With 14,000+ registered patients, the savings gained for the surgery can be channelled into patient care.

In addition to the surgery’s electricity bill saving, TRESOC members’ investment of £39,000 will earn a return of around 9% over the 20 year lifespan of the project through FiT payments on all electricity generated by the panels, regardless of whether its used by the surgery or exported to the grid, plus a deemed export.  As our Director of Engineering, Mandy Burton says, “This is an important milestone for TRESOC that our members can be very proud of – our first live project.  The display panel in the lobby will show you how much is being produced right now, and the total energy produced and carbon saved since they were installed.”

Looking to the future, Leatside’s Strategic Business Manager Janine Payne told us, “We look forward to seeing the panels generate savings for Leatside Surgery over the years to come.”