Who: Transition Homes Community Land Trust (THCLT)
Where: Clay Lane, Dartington
Why we love it: Providing low cost energy t people in a unique housing development built to meet local housing needs
What: 720 roof-mounted solar PV panels – 180 kWh total
Average annual generation: 180,000 kWh of electricity per year
CO2 equivalent per year*: Reduces CO2 emissions by about 45 tonnes per year
Status: Grant from Rural Community Energy Fund being sought for feasibility study


TRESOC have been invited by Transition Homes Community Land Trust to own, install and operate 180kW of solar PV on their Clay Park Eco-Housing Development. TRESOC will become the energy supplier for the mini-grid providing the site with 100% green electricity. In December 2019 we submitted a grant application to the Rural Community Energy Fund for £88,000.00 to enable us to do the development work to bring the project forward. The development work will: determine the economic case for TRESOC’s involvement;  enable us to design a system that maximises the use of the onsite solar, using batteries and electric car charge points; propose a monitoring system that will show TRESOC when the solar electricity is being used versus the mains electricity; support an extensive community engagement programme that will provide education projects for Totnes Schools KEVIC and the Grove and subsidise courses for local people and site visits and talks.

We hope to hear back if we have been successful in the spring 2020. Assuming we proceed and once the scheme is investment ready, TRESOC will release a community share-offer to finance it. Please sign up to the Friends of TRESOC mailing list for updates, by emailing