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TRESOC is a nonprofit Independent & Provident Society whose aim is to empower the local community to develop and control its own renewable energy supplies. The resources available here are for journalists and anyone who wants to stay up to date with our press coverage and organisational announcements.

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REEL at the Soundart Radio’s Noise Art Club for the ‘Every Child Has A Voice’ programme.

Listen to five experts from the field of Community renewable energy, being grilled by children on the Noise Art radio club.


Human Energy – official trailer – shortlisted for semi-finals at LA Cinefest

Up close and personal film study of community energy. UK Premiere at the Community Energy Spring Gathering, Dartington, 9th March 2018.


Renewable Energy Experiential Learning (REEL) Project

TRESOC’s Renewable Energy Experiential Learning (REEL) Project, co-delivered by the Bio-regional Learning Centre, is a 4-day module for Key Stage 2 students within the Totnes area. It includes practical, hands-on making, site visits, critical thinking ideation and presentation of learnings. Tresoc ran the pilot project at St Christopher’s Prep School, Staverton in June 2017. Thanks to a donation from an anonymous Tresoc supporter, we were able to make a short film during the pilot to show potential sponsors and schools what the project is all about.


Social Housing Initiative for New Energy – SHINE

The first solar panels of the SHINE project went on to the roof of South Devon House in Totnes at the end of March 2015. Social Housing Initiative for New Energy was an innovative partnership between Totnes Renewable Energy Society (TRESOC), South Devon Rural Housing Association (SDRHA), and BECO Energy Solutions, which resulted in 77 SDRHA tenants getting solar PV panel installations on their roofs, as well as a neat gadget that supplied some tenants with hot water. This was the first project of its kind for TRESOC, but hopefully not the last.


Dart Renewables – Totnes Weir Scheme

Triodos Bank’s corporate finance team helped connect investors with a local hydropower project near Totnes, on the River Dart.


Triodos Bank’s Perspective on Energy

Let’s connect it all together. Climate change and energy demands will remain key challenges for the next decades. Therefore we all have to invest in an entirely new energy system. Having developed the skills of catalysing the early renewable energy industry, Triodos Bank want to harness these competencies to help catalyse the next phase. To Triodos Bank an integrated sustainable picture means Low-carbon emissions, resilient, socially embedded and balanced. This is a huge opportunity and we can only do this when all of us take our role to connect it all together.


The Great Wind Debate – the carbon payback myths

Are wind turbines really sustainable? A key issue raised against the use of wind turbines is the amount of carbon used in their life cycle. Our expert panel disagree on the estimates.

The Great Wind debate was held at the Great Hall in Dartington, Devon, on Monday 18th June 2012.

Jonathan Dimbleby, Any Questions? BBC Radio 4

Godfrey Boyle, Emeritus Professor of Renewable Energy at the Open University
Helen McDade, The John Muir Trust
Matt Partridge, Development Director REG Windpower
John Constable, The Renewable Energy Foundation

The REEL Project heads to SoundArt Radio’s Noise Art Club for the ‘Every Child Has A Voice’ programme.

Anaerobic Digester Project at Dartington Hall Estate – November 23, 2017. BBC Radio Devon.

Click arrow to hear BBC Radio Devon’s news feature.

Goats’ dung could give farm renewable power – November 22, 2017. Totnes Times.

Totnes Times - November 22, 2017

Staverton Hydro Project – November 11, 2017. BBC Radio Devon.

Click arrow to hear BBC Radio Devon’s news feature.

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Planning Submitted to Restore Hydro Power to Town Mill, Staverton Leat (DOC) (PDF)
Staverton Hydro Community Benefit Society [SHCBS] submitted a planning application to South Hams District Council to install a 100kW Hydro Turbine on the Leat at Staverton.

6 November, 2018

TRESOC awarded grant to develop Anaerobic Digester at Old Parsonage Farm, Dartington Hall Trust Estate (DOC) (PDF)
Totnes Renewable Energy Society (TRESOC) has secured a second Rural Community Energy Fund (RCEF) grant of £18,000 to look at the feasibility of developing a 100kW anaerobic digester (energy plant) at Old Parsonage Farm on the Dartington Hall Trust (DHT) estate …
14 November, 2017

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