Totnes Weir hydro Share Offer reaches target

Tresoc Members invested just over £300,000 in the iconic 300 kW Totnes Weir hydro power plant. Because the target was reached through local investment, there was no need to open up the share offer to a wider audience—local investment works! Triodos have sent out share certificates. If you missed out on this opportunity, don’t fret, more good things are on the way. We have a working partnership with the Hydrosense consortium, developers of the Totnes weir site, and we are moving forward with a new, local hydro project and more on-roof solar. Get in touch if you’d be interested in investing.

View the Dart Renewables information sheet on the scheme.

Hydro & Solar Roofs Share Issue Launched!

We were out in full force at the market today, talking to lots of people about our Share Issue, and collecting proxy votes for our SGM on May 22nd (the proposal is boundary removal).  Matt Harvey’s poem, “To whom does Energy Belong?” written for our Share Issue launch, adorned the columns of the Butterwalk.  First performed at South Brent’s Third Folk Festival, Matt’s poem proclaims:
Matt Harvey

“For when it shines and when it pours
– On one or both we can depend –
The good accrues to you and yours
When you’re TRESOC’s all-weather friend…”

Download Matt’s poem

Announcing our 2014 Spring Share Issue!

TRESOC’s 2014 Spring Share Issue is set to kick off on 3rd May.  All our hard work is now paying off in the form of solar PV (for roofs) and hydropower projects including PV on the roofs of over 70 households (with South Devon Rural Housing Association) and a £500,000 community investment in the hydro project at Totnes Weir. With the two PV schemes that we own at Leatside Surgery and Follaton Community Centre, these would get us to over 750 Kilowatts of generating capacity, come rain or shine – a fantastic goal to aim for.  How can you help?  Get in touch!