With uncertainty around energy prices, the only practical thing, and within reasonable control of most households, is to try to reduce energy bills. Here are a few ideas on how to do that with some potentially social, as well as economic benefits:

  • Start a meal exchange with your neighbours – set a few days a week where you cook a meal and deliver it to them, and vice versa. This saves on time and energy, and if you eat it together even better.
  • Share lifts to work or to school.
  • Share or co-ordinate shopping trips or deliveries.
  • Turn off electrical equipment at the wall when not needed. Stand by modes still use a surprising amount of power.
  • Avoid using the tumble dryer
  • Turn off lights
  • Don’t over fill the kettle
  • Consider insulation and draft proofing – depending on your circumstances you might be eligible for grants. Visit www.energysavingtrust.org.uk
  • Plan meals and cut down on food waste (children beware!)

South Dartmoor Community Energy (SDCE) also have some good tips for staying warm without turning up your heating. Visit www.sdce.org.uk.