Delivering community renewable energy for Devon

We are a community financed, social business providing profitable, renewable energy.

What We Do

We develop community-owned renewable energy in Devon. We aim to reduce our local carbon footprint and lower our dependence on imported energy in partnership with schools, businesses and local people.


Featured on the radio

In 2018 we had a fab new project running over a few Saturdays – we teamed up with Soundart Radio and their new club for young people. Great young presenters learned about different aspects of renewable energy by grilling us and our partners, who also sponsored the shows. Renewable energy education is very much part of our remit and this proved a fun way to do it. Do listen.

Our Aims

Totnes Renewable Energy Society (TRESOC) is an IPS formed by a group of local residents in 2007.  Its aim is to empower the local community to develop and control its own renewable energy supplies and to ensure that the maximum value resulting from the development of local resources is retained by the community.

TRESOC aims:

To develop the profitable supply of energy from renewable resources for the benefit of the community centred in Totnes and the surrounding area.

To ensure the democratic control of renewable energy resources, by the local community, through the establishment of an extensive membership of the Society.

To ensure that the maximum value from development of these resources shall be retained within the local economy.

To provide an opportunity for public-spirited people and organisations to contribute financially to the community with the expectation of a social dividend as well as a financial return.


You’ll be part of something positive for the good of the community. You’ll be able to look at the TRESOC Hydro schemes and Solar arrays in your area and know you own a part of them, are earning an income from them, and have helped make them happen

You appreciate the value of a community energy company in building a resilient, thriving local economy, creating jobs and keeping money circulating locally.

You want to see as much of our energy coming from renewables in the fight against climate change, to enhance our energy security and as an alternative to fracking

You want an ethical, secure place to invest with a long term, steady income backed by government guarantee

You like using roof-mounted solar in preference to agricultural land, and the win-win for clean energy and ecology on the hydro schemes

You appreciate the tremendous efforts of the professional TRESOC team (not to blow our own trumpets here!!) in presenting these consented projects ready to go as soon as the investment comes in


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    Energy Local Totnes
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    Clay Park Solar PV
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    Shine Social Housing
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    Hatchlands Farm
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    Staverton Leat
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    Lescaze Solar Array
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    Totnes Weir
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    Follaton Community Centre

Interested in becoming a member?

Become a Tresoc member and be part of the community developing our green energy future. Get ‘better than bank’ interest rates on your investment and at the same time have control of our future energy supplies.