Community Energy is the topic of the moment, but how many advisors are actually practitioners?

Along with other community energy groups, we have come up against major difficulties in trying to deliver renewable energy projects.  Some we have predicted or navigated through, and we have practical advice to share.  Some are major hurdles, for example, dealing with legislation tailored for the existing electricity generation and distribution network, owned and controlled by a small number of large corporations.

The TRESOC board is inter-disciplinary, and we have a wide range of skills:

  • project development and management
  • running an IPS
  • investment evaluation
  • engineering
  • contracts & legal documentation
  • communications, marketing & outreach

Since our formation, we have advised and freely given or exchanged information with students, individuals, companies, organisations, associations and other community groups.  At this point, our time is very precious and projects must take precedence, but we want to engage in the gift economy.  If you can suggest a way that we can work together, please contact us.