It’s a Movement

“Community-scale energy projects enable proactive citizens to make the biggest possible difference – much more than they could just by focusing on their own lifestyle or writing to their MP.  In addition, community-scale projects are substantial enough to be noticed and duplicated elsewhere in Britain and the wider world.”  Entitled “The best way to make a difference”, this quote is from a great section on The Rough Guide to Community Energy website called  Why deal with energy at the community level? which gives all the reasons why Community Energy makes sense.

Doing business at a local community level brings with it transparency. This requires an alignment of values and goals because we look each other in the eye every day. This is powerful stuff, as the co-operative movement has known for decades. Being acutely aware of the faith and trust placed in us by the local community focuses us on delivering projects, which, in turn, aim to return both social and financial benefit.

‘What is the Future for Community Energy?’ is a presentation paper compiled by students of Schumacher College in December 2016.

Shareholding Limit Increase

Good news!  Please see the following link for the aptly named Industrial and Provident Societies (Increase in Shareholding Limit) Order 2014, which sets out the details for the increase in maximum share investment from £20k to £100k.