In 2012 and 2013, TRESOC managed the completion of two solar projects – from initial conversation through to installation.  Both are successes; at Leatside Surgery, electricity bills are down by 20%, and Follaton Community Centre will be saving £1,000 per year.

But many of our accomplishments have not manifested as projects.  Many hours have gone into awareness-raising, member outreach, events, exhibitions, advocacy, presentations and talks. TRESOC has forged new ground, which, by definition, carries risks and beneficial outcomes are not immediate; building awareness takes time.  We know that this is a long-term effort, and it’s in the trying that we have become a stronger, wiser team.

  • Totnes Community Wind Farm has been our most challenging effort to date.  If built, TCWF would have been truly significant – for the community and the movement.
  • The Great Wind Debate at Dartington Hall was an accomplishment; opening up the debate, with Jonathan Dimbleby chairing and the closing vote… reflecting the UK figures, the majority of people in the room were in favour of windpower.
  • Terms changed on a solar opportunity which meant that we would be overcharged for an installation… so we had to decline.
  • Researching the possibility for river/tidal energy at the Anchor Stone Channel has resulted in a collaborative relationship with Plymouth University and a thesis project for MSc students, the next generation of renewables champions.  Read the story here, on our blog.
  • Pyrolysis is a clean way to deal with waste, and we are on the leading edge in bringing this technology to the fore.
  • And let’s not forget our advocacy work up at Westminster, talks, presentations, member discussion groups, and involvement with the REconomy Centre, whose mission is to relocalise business.