Vision, Aims & Objectives

TRESOC vision:

Our vision for the South Hams… solar PV on as many suitable roofs as possible – homes, schools, stations, museums – weirs brought back to life through hydro power plants with fish passes, wood waste and food waste turned into electricity through small pyrolysis and AD plants… TRESOC (an organisation growing sustainably) based at the REconomy Centre …. a TRESOC maintenance team linked to apprenticeships at local colleges… the list goes on!

Totnes Renewable Energy Society (TRESOC) is an IPS formed by a group of local residents.  Its aim is to empower the local community to develop and control its own renewable energy supplies and to ensure that the maximum value resulting from the development of local resources is retained by the community.

TRESOC aims:

  • To develop the profitable supply of energy from renewable resources for the benefit of the community resident within Totnes and 15 surrounding Parishes.
  • To ensure the democratic control of the renewable energy resources by the local community through the establishment of an extensive membership of the Society.
  • To ensure that the maximum value from development of these resources shall be retained within the local economy.
  • To provide an opportunity for public-spirited people and organisations to contribute financially to the community with the expectation of a social dividend as well as a financial return.