Hatchlands Farm


Ian and Jane at Hatchlands as the scaffolding went up

With most of the (significant) paperwork complete, and the Charity Bank loan in place, Tresoc members are now the proud owners of the 50kWp array at Hatchlands Farm, just outside Totnes.

Like all Community Energy projects, this one has taken many years to come to fruition.  Several years ago, we were in dialogue with the installers, South West Solar to purchase the system, which was installed before the government clamped down on the Feed In Tariff.  At that point, we felt that the asking price was too high.

Fast forward to 2014.  With South West Solar moving out of the solar market, we reopened negotiations and agreed a price on behalf of our membership.  The loan with Charity Bank enabled us to make the purchase (and also complete solar installations on more Shine homes).

Roof-mounted panels on large, stable roofs provide the ideal electricity-generating scenario for community development and investment.