“TRESOC – a new type of community renewables company… a business that should be funded… TRESOC may enable Totnes to become one of the first towns to operate its own independent generation and energy retailing company supplying local homes and businesses with ‘local’ electricity” – Chris Goodall, Carbon Commentary

Members Interest Payment

The highlight of last November’s AGM was a vote in favour of an Interest distribution to members for the period ended 31st March 2017 at the rate of 2%, payable on 1st April 2017. We trust that you agree with us that this first, modest interest payment to members from a trading surplus is a significant achievement!

TRESOC Members have now been sent out information on the Members Interest Payment, with important details on what steps take place next. Please do check your email for this week’s notice sent out.

If you have any queries or questions, please get in touch, either by emailing us admin@tresoc.co.uk or calling us on 01803 867431.

The Tresoc team would like to say a big heartfelt thank you to all members who have stuck by us over the last 10 years. Without your support we would not exist.

L-R Alastair Gets, Tresoc; Sally Murrall-Smith, Tresoc; Claire Jeffery, Dartington Hall Trust; Ian Bright, Tresoc; Paul Jonas, Dartington Hall Trust: Steve Munday, Tresoc; David Inscoe, Beco Energy.

L-R Alastair Gets, Tresoc; Sally Murrall-Smith, Tresoc; Claire Jeffery, Dartington Hall Trust; Ian Bright, Tresoc; Paul Jonas, Dartington Hall Trust: Steve Munday, Tresoc; David Inscoe, Beco Energy.

Rainbow at end of a first anniversary celebration of the Totnes Hydro Weir.

Rainbow at end of a first anniversary celebration of the Totnes Hydro Weir.

It’s Time for Solidarity!

Frack Free Totnes, a new activist group, holds awareness-raising stalls on FridStop fracking eventays and Saturdays 11.30-1.30pm on Totnes High St/Market square. A meeting this Sunday 15th Jan. at 7pm, Seven Stars Hotel, TQ9 5DD will focus on actions and strategies we can take here in Totnes, for example, switch to a green energy provider, switch banks, write letters, create street theatre and street choir songs, join solidarity trips to direct action camps or support divestment initiatives. There will be a public Film Show on Sunday 29th Jan. For more information, contact Peter Burgess on 01803 862980 or 07747038371. Here’s their Facebook page.


Show The Love with us…

Help protect the places and life you love from climate change.

In February 2017, people across the country will make, wear and share green hearts to Show The Love for the places, people and life we want to protect from climate change. Download your tool-kit here, or ask Tresoc and Totnes WI about how you can be involved.

Together, we want a world powered by clean and secure energy within a generation.

#ShowTheLove www.showthelove.org.uk


For The Love Of… is a campaign by The Climate Coalition for action on climate change to protect the things we all love, from bees to the British coastline to people everywhere.

Community Energy Study Tour – Brussels

Tresoc Managing Director, Ian Bright joined Regen SW and colleagues from South West England, London, Manchester & Wales in Brussels, December 2016. Part of a community energy study tour, they met with Molly Scott Cato, MP at the European Parliament.

Community energy is becoming a major player in the development of renewable energy infrastructure, delivering clean green energy and sustainable local economies across Europe and beyond. Cheaper than new gas or nuclear now too!

The President of the REScoop-eu, Dirk Vansintjan, gave this presentation on ‘Moving Towards Energy Democracy.’


Lescaze Solar Array

Listed 30s building goes solar in local partnership.
William Lescaze offices have new 30kWh solar PV array.

Lescaze House

A partnership between The Dartington Hall Trust and TRESOC, working with Beco Energy Solutions.

A new 30kWh solar-PV array has been put on the roof of the Lescaze Offices in Dartington village to provide renewable electricity.

Ian Bright, managing director, TRESOC, says: ‘We’re delighted to be working in partnership with Dartington to produce low cost green electricity for key stakeholders, high value employment in local businesses and a sustainable financial return on local community investment.’

Read the full press release from The Dartington Hall Trust here.

The World’s First ‘Archimedes Screw Fest’ Event Update …


On Saturday, October 15th 2016, the first ever Archimedes Screw Fest took place at the Hydro Power Station on Totnes Weir. The event marked the Hydro Station’s first birthday and a year of green electricity generation.There were several family activities running throughout the day providing an opportunity to learn first-hand about the local ecosystem and the amazing renewable energy source right on our doorstep. Tresoc’s director of Engineering, Alastair Gets, led tours/talks around the site throughout the day, which included a close up inspection inside the plant and of the fish pass.

Read the full event update…

Thanks to Landustrie and Dart Renewables Ltd, who sponsored Archimedes Screw Fest, and to all those who joined us at the weir and made the day so special. Archimedes Screw Fest was part of TTT Open Eco Homes weekend.

Vote in Community Referendum Today – Wednesday 23rd November

Make sure you vote in the Totnes Referendum today on the ‘community right to build order’ to approve the development of the Atmos project, on the site of the derelict Dairy Crest Dairy (next to the train station). Atmos will create a multi use site that will include a community centre, recreational facilities, a retirement home, low cost housing, and industrial units. Their vision is to build a development that will be carbon neutral, involving different renewable energy technologies – Vote Yes!                   http://atmostotnes.org/

Notice of Annual General Meeting and Annual Report 2016

We are pleased to invite you to our Annual General Meeting at 7.00 p.m. on Wednesday, 30th November, 2016 at St. John’s Church, Bridgetown, Totnes. 

Please do join us also for drinks, nibbles and sparkling conversation at St. John’s, after the AGM.

We are delighted also to welcome as our Guest Speaker: Karen Williams, C.O.O. of The Dartington Hall Trust, as TRESOC looks towards working in partnership with the Trust.


Building on the award winning success of last year, this year the Tresoc Team have continued to develop the solar portfolio with the purchase of the 50kW roof mounted array at Hatchlands Farm and the installation of a new 30kW roof mounted array at Lescaze House, Dartington. This marks the start of Tresoc providing electricity direct to consumers via private wire network, and thus becoming an electricity supplier. Tresoc has also established the Staverton Hydro Community Benefit Society to develop a 100 kW hydro power station which will supply low cost renewable electricity to Dartington Hall Trust. Furthermore, we continued to investigate the potential for an on farm anaerobic digestion plant to convert local food wastes into electricity, heat and valuable fertiliser.

On the administration front, we have upgraded our financial management and forecasting capabilities with the adoption of SAGE financial software.
To further the development of renewable energy through community engagement and education we organised several community events and worked with a range of students. These include: a project with Plymouth University design students on Totnes Weir; a summer internship with a student from Exeter University to investigate the potential for the anaerobic digestion of local food waste, which culminated in a community talk; Guest talks at Schumacher; and, the first ever Archimedes Screw Fest.

The income stream from our solar assets, with a welcome bonus from the sale of shares in Dart Renewables to Tresoc members, means that we are on target to make a trading surplus in the current financial year.  This will allow a first modest interest payment to members of 2%.  Details will be announced at the AGM and payments will be made at the end of our financial year in April 2017. This hard won ability to operate profitably is a key milestone for Tresoc and we are keen to celebrate and share this achievement with our members at this AGM.  Your continuing loyalty and support during the long haul to profitability has been key to our success. 

Come and Take Part 

We urge you to come to our AGM, ask questions and help us develop our strategy for the year ahead – we’d like to welcome all of you!  Our goal – as always – is that you are aligned with, and endorse the efforts we are making on your behalf.

The Agenda for the AGM can be found here. The Directors’ Report and a summary of our latest Accounts to 31st March 2015 will be available at the AGM or can be down loaded from the website shortly.   A signed copy of the Accounts has been submitted to the Financial Services Authority, and copies will be available to members at the AGM.

On entry to the AGM your name will be checked against the Register of Members. Attendees will be required to vote on society business.  We would be grateful if you could let us know if you plan to attend;  Click here to RSVP online.  Alternatively, if you are unable to attend and, wish to nominate a proxy, please find a Proxy Voting Form along with the AGM Agenda on the website.

Member Communications 

In order to keep you up to date, we do need to have your current contact details.  So, if there are any changes to your address, email address or phone number please do let us know.  You can also find on the website all the latest news on our projects, press releases and newsletters, as well as full copy of the Society’s Rules.

If you have any queries regarding any aspect of your investment or TRESOC in general we are always happy to help.  You can contact us by telephone 01803 867431, email admin@tresoc.co.uk or via our website, and we’d be pleased to hear from you if you feel you could offer some of your time and/or skills to help develop the Society.

So that just leaves us to say thank you for helping to empower your community by being part of TRESOC.   

We look forward to seeing you on 30th November.    

The First Ever Archimedes Screw Festival

tresoc_archimedes tresoc_wrtkids tresoc_img_2799TRESOC is hosting The First Ever Archimedes Screw Festival at Totnes Weir on the River Dart on Saturday, 15 October, 2016, 11am – 4pm.

Science:  Join Westcountry Rivers Trust (WRT) river scientists to look at the salmon’s “eco home”.  Simple testing kits will enable you to take measurements and look at ecological status of the Dart.  Join hundreds of other Citizen Scientists in the region – sign up with WRT to become a River Dart steward.
Art: Celebrate the Dart – make a silver salmon and add it to a giant community shoal.
Energy: Hydro scheme tours at 12 noon and 3pm with Tresoc’s Alastair Gets, Director of Engineering – see inside the working plant.  Find out about Tresoc’s new hydro project at Staverton Leat.
cz99anzw0aaimqhJoin in: Share your own Tales of the Riverbank.  Help us design a permanent sign to explain more about the scheme – what do you want to know?  Participate in a clean-up along the river.

TIME CHANGE: Totnes Rubbish Walks volunteers will start at Totnes Bridge at 11am, arriving at the weir by noon, continuing along the river, finishing by 1pm.
If you work up an appetite: Taste Archimedes’ favourite Sicilian snack, veg-filled arancini – on sale from 12:30pm, while supplies last, fresh from local food geniuses, The Kitchen Table.

The festival is part of Transition Town Totnes’ Open Eco Homes weekend. From the traditional to the unconventional, the tour highlights inspiring homes at different stages on the journey to reducing their energy bills and environmental impact.

Time to listen to what people want?

Community Energy retains overwhelming backing of UK public and increased support among Conservative voters, survey finds.

An overwhelming majority of the public would support local renewable energy projects, including wind turbines, if they were owned and controlled by the community, according to new research from Co-operative Energy.  This includes not just Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green Party supporters, but also those who identify with the Conservative Party.

More than two-thirds (67 per cent) of the 2,000 UK adults polled said they would support local community-owned renewable energy projects such as wind turbines, with just 8% in opposition. Support among Conservative voters increased from 62% in 2015 to 65% in 2016.

A staggering 78 per cent of the public thought that the Government should do more ‘to help local communities generate their own energy, with profits staying in the area’.  Just 6 percent opposed this. Again, support among Conservative voters increased, from 73% in 2015 to 76% in 2016.

The findings directly challenge the Government’s recent decisions to slash subsidies for small, local renewable energy schemes and to bar investors from access to social investment tax relief.  Two-thirds (68%) of respondents say that they are prepared to pay a small surcharge each year on their energy bill to fund an expansion of community energy, with just 15% opposing this. While 58% believe that the Government should change its mind and once again offer tax relief to those individuals who take the risk of investing in community energy, with just 12% against. Backing for these measures was higher still among Conservative supporters.

Read the article

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